A feeling of freedom

The outdoors is nature !

Let’s escape from routine, find ourselves with friends or family, live outside in the Mediterranean climate, at night the stars sparkle and under a full moon the beauty of the sea reveals its silver shining.

Camping is the pleasure of redescovering simple things, and especially to live new adventures, so quickly install the tent, caravan or camper!
3 categories of pitches to discover outdoor stays.

Vue du bar de la plage.
Le bar du camping Californie-Plage à les pieds dans l’eau.
Un des rares bars du Languedoc-Roussillon à bénéficier d’une vue imprenable sur la mer méditerranéenne.
Le temps fait son travail dans le calme et la chaleur méditerranéenne.
face à la mer.


Comfort pitch: natural simplicity / with 10 Amp

For caravans, tents or small motorhomes, if your installations are of average size the comfort pitch is for you! Easy, just sting the tentpegs (don’t forget them), the caravan, add an awning,... the pleasure of camping can start!

Our comfort pitches are for all those who want to get camping with soul. It’s time to listen to the birdsongs.



Premium pitch: XXL size / with 10 Amp

XXL size, for once we are happy to display a large size, indeed all our Premium pitches have a minimum size of 95m².

If you are embarking on the outdoor experience for the first time, it may seem confusing to you, but no worries a return to true nature will leave you and your children with the memories of a delightful vacation. And if you have a lot of experience you can share it because it is obvious that we will listen!



Sea view pitch / with 10 Amp

Feet in the water with a 360 ° view of the Mediterranean, we hope you like the blue color, the sea breeze, the tumultuous return of the waves on our volcanic rocks.
the sea view location is on the front line, no fence or wall in front of you, just the rocks of the sea and the immensity of the big blue.



pecheur face à la mer. Vue du bar de la plage.