Shopping inside the campsite

A mini supermarket inside the campsite

If you forgot a few errands, don’t panic!

Fresh products
Mini supermarket
Croissants and fresh bread

To do shopping you don’t need to leave the oasis of your holidays. No need to go to Vias or Agde. The little supermarket on the site has all the products which are necessary for daily life. The bakery department of the campsite’s supermarket offers you croissants and warm fresh bred any time of the day.

A grocery shop, fresh food and all products for camping

The grocery store of the campsite is open for you from 1st of April until 24th of September. Apart from cool drinks, fresh fruits and vegetables of the Languedoc you will find there everything you need to provide you easy and comfortable holidays: cooling ice, gas bottles and last but not least you can fill up your bottles with the famous Hérault wines…