Environment / Sustainable development

We welcome you to an establishment labeled "Clef verte" wich means "Green Key", for its environmental approach and its management of nature protection.


- We use non-polluting and non-noisy means of transportation, electric golf clubs and bicycles.

- The pool is heated by a heat pump to reduce energy consumption.

- A large part of our mobile homes are labeled "Clef verte". The renewal of the park of mobile homes is systematically in structures labeled "Clef verte"

- We use low-cost bulbs for light and have motion sensors for street lighting with a day / night timer. The lampposts of the campsite are solar. Solar panels fuel our self-consumption.

- The new electrical equipment (refrigerator, microwave, etc.) of the accommodations are classified in economic category A or A +++.

- Cells on / off are installed at the doors of mobile homes for air conditioning.

To stay close to nature children will be introduced to the garden and the protection of our wildlife.
We protect our nature and its inhabitants, saving owls.


- We water our hedges, flowers, massive by a drip irrigation system, we are equipped with rainwater collectors.
- Our toilets are equipped with water volume reducers for all WC tanks.
- The campsite staff is trained to detect leaks.


- The campsite has an area dedicated to selective sorting with containers for glass, paper, plastics and cans.
- Small extra step with the recovery of plastic caps and used batteries.
- Establishment of a 400 liter wood compost bin to naturally fertilize our soil

Environmentally friendly

- The cleaning products we use are mostly eco-certified.
- We use natural fertilizers.
- We collect green waste to make compost.


- Our brochures, our welcome booklet and our personalized envelopes are printed on recycled paper, while favoring exchanges by email.
- Vehicle traffic is prohibited from 11:45 pm to 6:00 am in the campsite.
- We offer on-site bike rental.
- It is with your opinions and your suggestions that we can improve our environmental approach.


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